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Kid's Gratitude Journal

Kid's Gratitude Journal


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There is so much in our lives to be grateful for. It is important for us all to consciously be aware of our mindset toward the beauty as well as hardship in our lives and to find the good and kindness in ourselves and in others. This journal is a place for parents to guide their children through an exploration of their mindset toward their own lives and a wonderful tool to introduce and practice gratitude. There are no rules on how to fill out this journal, but I suggest you, as a parent, guide and direct your child through the prompts yet encourage your children to come to their own conclusions. It is also suggested that children fill out 1-2 pages a day and have a set time to do so. In the morning before starting their day or at night as a time of reflection tend to work best and be most repeatable. Young children may need a parent to help them read and write in the journal but can gain just a much as older kids by practicing mindfulness and gratitude.

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